Dog River Scenic Blueway

The Dog River Scenic Blueway provides recreational opportunities, access points, public awareness and stewardship opportunities for the Dog River and surrounding lands and waters. It also connects the region to other waterways through regional Blueway partnerships.


Great Drift

This fun free event is held annually in the spring. It helps to promote the Dog River Scenic Blueway; a string of launch sites along Dog River that provide public access to the river and all its natural beauty. Questions or want to help with next year’s event? Email [email protected].




Dog River Bike Trail

“Bike Route” signs now direct cyclists along the Dog River Loop portion of the water-based Crepe Myrtle Trail. In keeping with part of DRCR’s mission to increase access to Dog River and her many tributary creeks and streams, we joined with partners in the Mobile Greenway Initiative in 2016, adding a loop along the river side of the existing bay side trail providing riverside exposure to Mobile’s growing cycling community.