Education & Outreach

Water Quality Monitoring
Program target goal: Develop better baseline data of existing water quality. Apply data in our ongoing efforts to combat the problem of storm water runoff.

  • Choose 9-12 sites to measure: oxygen, turbidity & bacterial levels
  • Purchase necessary equipment
  • Recruit and arrange training of volunteers to test these sites
  • Publicize water quality testing data taken by our volunteers
  • Learn more
Community Development
Program target goals: Work to educate all citizens about their impact on the watershed and to empower people to take positive action through stewardship, volunteerism, and community leadership.

  • Revamp and update Dog River Watershed Awareness presentation and materials
  • Present Dog River Clearwater Revival watershed presentation or set up informational booth at 4 group events a year (school/civic/community groups)
  • Network with civic groups and businesses for outreach & funding opportunities
  • Revamp DRCR website
  • Send out annual snail mail newsletter and quarterly email blast updates with information on our events and information on the state of the watershed.
  • Update social media as needed (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Continue to hold quarterly general member meetings with environmentally relevant speakers
Program target goals 2015: Of the estimated 3,000 households along the shores of Dog River, about 100 of were active paid members of Dog River Clearwater Revival. DRCR’s goal sought to double the group’s paid membership by year’s end.  By the start of 2017, membership had more than doubled.

Newly designed Membership Flyer outlines the organization’s work and how to get involved. (05.2016)

  • Recruit volunteers from designated neighborhoods along the river to reach out to neighbors for registration
  • Update membership information
  • Include member registration form and self addressed envelop in annual snail-mail newsletter
  • Include membership reminders in quarterly emails