What We Do

What We Do: Dog River Clearwater Revival’s goal is to protect the heath of the Dog River Watershed.  We actively engage our members and the community through our many programs. From testing the water quality, to removing trash, to restoring wetlands, to promoting public health and waterway access, Dog River Clearwater Revival’s goals are met through four main committees. We encourage you to learn about our preciously unique environment and join us in protecting the watershed for today and generations to come.

Would you like to know what our busy executive director, Debi Foster, and the different DRCR committees have been up to this summer? Check out our mid-year report.


  • Dog River Scenic Blueway Kayak and Canoe Water Trail
  • Great Drift Paddle
  • Dog River Park

Education & Outreach

  • Community Development
  • Membership


  • Spring Mud Bottom Revival Music Festival
  • Fall Dog River Fishing Tournament

Water Quality

  • Trap the Trash
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Shoreline Cleanup

Great Drift 2016 on the Dog River Scenic Blueway 

Watershed Awareness signage provided by DRCR.

The 2nd Mud Bottom Revival Music Festival proved to be a super successful Spring fundraiser and a really good time.

Volunteers gather supplies to clean shorelines that are heavily impacted by litter during Dog River’s participation in the annual AL Coastal Cleanup 2016.