We were proud to present Dog River Clearwater Revival’s Comprehensive Litter Abatement Plan for the Dog River Watershed today to Mayor Sandy Stimpson and the Mobile City Council! The plan is the final product of our $328,101 EPA/GOMP grant awarded in 2019 to stem the flow of litter throughout Dog River water and its tributaries.  

Using the information gained through the implementation of the projects included in the grant by our partners Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, Mobile Baykeeper, and Partners for Environmental Progress, and joining together with Osprey Initiative, and with input from the City of Mobile – the Comprehensive Litter Abatement Plan for Dog River Watershed has been developed to assist the City in strategically focusing its efforts and resources on litter management in this watershed.

Included in the plan are specific activities and timelines to:
➤ Reduce littering and litter in the environment
➤ Improve use of data to measure the effectiveness of efforts
➤ Increase community awareness, education, and involvement in litter reduction strategies
➤ Improve regulations, ordinances, and enforcement related to litter
➤ Centralize an organizational structure, and
➤ Increase consistent and sustained funding for litter management.

It is important to note while this strategy was developed for the Dog River Watershed, its goals and objectives are transferable to and replicable in other City watersheds, including Three Mile Creek, Eight Mile Creek and Garrow’s Bend; other coastal Alabama municipalities, and beyond.

We look forward to working with the City, all its departments, and all our partners to implement the strategies outlined in the plan as we all join together to Create a Clean Water Future.

Pictured:  Debi Foster, former DRCR executive director and grant manager with Frank Terrell, President of the Board of Directors.

Read the full report here. 

Appendices A – Litter Gitter Report, Osprey Initiative
Appendices B – GIS Report, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program
Appendices C – Truck Bed Trash Outreach Campaign, Partners for Environmental Progress
Appendices D – Truck Bed Trash Can Competition, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program
Appendices E – Municipal Litter Assessment of Comparable Cities, Mobile Baykeeper
Appendices F – Green Team Report, City of Mobile and Mobile County.