5 of our dedicated volunteer water quality monitors under the organization of our Water Quality Chair Dr. Mimi Fearn engaged in “Bacteria Blitz” testing downstream of the spill over a 10 day period immediately following this distressing event caused by a MAWSS contractor ironically during a work project aimed at improving the MAWSS infrastructure to reduce the amount of overflows. 

Our testing showed that despite the massive volume of this spill (almost 5 million gallons), its immediate bacterial effects did not reach very far nor last very long once the spill was stopped. 

To review a full graphic summary of the data our DRCR monitors collected, please CLICK HERE.

We are now expecting MAWSS to voluntarily implement supplemental environmental projects (SEPs) to mitigate some of the damage caused by the spill into Dog River.
We have met with partners and there are discussions of potential stream restoration of the affected tributary and stormwater projects aimed at reducing nutrients into the river, which is a big concern of DRCR and leads to excessive plant growth that is both a nuisance and affects public access.

Thank you to our Alabama Water Watch certified volunteer monitors for your important work and speedy efforts, which includes David Strain, Tom Lyons, Eric Holladay, Karen May, and Chandler Ogburn. 
Thank you also to members Nate & Ali Jones and our friends at the DandeLion Lodge for allowing Mobile Baykeeper access to their docks for additional downstream testing.
And finally, thank you to our partners at Mobile Baykepper, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, and Peninsula of Mobile for their attention towards this event, efforts, and care for the water quality of Dog River. 

This upsetting event highlights the importance of our Water Quality Monitoring Program and our mission to protect the environmental health of Dog River. 

If you would like to get involved and become a monitor, we are currently in need of new monitors for the following locations:
1. Milkhouse Creek at Cottage Hill 
2. Rabbit Creek at Highway 90

Please email Mimi Fearn at [email protected] for more information