Special WEEK LONG COVID edition
Saturday, September 19, 2020
8 AM – 12 PM

DRCR will NOT be hosting its usual two zones this year as part of the annual AL Coastal Cleanup due to safety concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 world pandemic.  However,  litter has not taken a break so we encourage you to consider doing a safe cleanup in a location you choose, in a way you feel safe, anytime during the special week.  See the suggestions below.

THINK AHEAD & pick a safe cleanup location away from traffic and allowing for social distancing.  Think too, where will you properly dispose of collected trash. 

Gather Materials including masks & gloves, hand sanitizer, grabbers, trash bags, closed toed shoes and a reusable water bottle.

Download Clean Swell app on your phone to collect important data.  Be sure to “Allow” location services while using the app.

Clean Up using gloves. Never pick up items you are uncomfortable with.

Record Important Data following the Clean Swell app.

Properly Dispose of Waste items collected. Make sure you have permission if on private property.

Once finished, carefully remove gloves.  Wash and or sanitize hands and arms for at least 20 seconds


Our friends with Alabama Audubon and the Peninsula of Mobile will be manning a site under the pavilion at McNally Park for those who may need supplies like bags , a limited number of data cards and scout badges. This site will be ONLY be maned Saturday the 19th from 8 am-12 noon.  Thanks to the City of Mobile’s Public Works Department, the dumpster and tire disposal location will remain for the entire cleanup week.